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Fifty-Ninth Commencement



Meet Members of the Class of 2024

Murrwa Shahin


Class of 2024
Murrwa Shahin

Growing up in a Muslim family that immigrated from Cairo over 20 years ago, Kingsborough Community College biology student Murrwa Shahin had to navigate the differences between her parents' experiences and her own goals. “While belonging to both cultures has enriched my childhood and teenage years with different languages, adventures, values, morals, and even cuisines, it has also helped shape my selectivity of what I accept as my truth,” she noted. “While they revered the American ethic of hard work, they never truly connected with what it means to plan out your life according to your interests and strengths.”

Inspired by her father's health conditions, Murrwa dreams of pursuing a career in pharmacology. “My father is diabetic, hypertensive, and a cardiac patient—he takes many pills to control these conditions. I am fascinated by the way pharmaceuticals can alter our state or bring us back to health,” she explained. “The study of pharmacology is about more than just medicine; it is also about the dynamic advancements in technology and research that lead to a better quality of life. As a science enthusiast, I loved learning that some drugs and foods are P450 inducers or inhibitors, affecting the way other drugs are metabolized. How amazing that even the timing of different supplements can affect their absorption!”

"Applying to college was a difficult process for me as a first-generation student because I didn't have guidance," Murrwa shared. "However, upon research, I chose to attend Kingsborough Community College because it embodies the principle of serving diverse communities."

She enrolled at Kingsborough through the City University of New York's Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP), attending college at night while working full-time. “ASAP was an amazing program that ensured I graduated and transferred to a 4-year college,” she said. “They provided me with school supplies and many scholarships to cover my tuition gap. They also provided me with my own advisor, who helped me pick a major that works best for me, register for all my classes, choose electives based on my interests, and join programs and clubs.”

Murrwa also took advantage of the many resources Kingsborough offered through the College’s Access Resource Center. “In addition, KCC’s hosting of job fairs helped me gain experience with the interview process for employment,” she added.

She feels the free tutoring she received for such challenging classes as biology and chemistry helped her reach her maximum potential. “Taking advantage of this opportunity aided my success, resulting in a perfect 4.0 GPA.”

She credits the college's faculty and staff for creating an engaging learning environment and providing invaluable assistance throughout her academic journey. "The staff and faculties' willingness to help and assist students has been invaluable. My advisors and professors motivated me to work my hardest and created an atmosphere where every student felt comfortable."

At Kingsborough, she was able to live the life she’d envisioned for herself, taking advantage of all the opportunities presented, like student leadership, sports, and clubs. She was a member of the Kingsborough Honors Program, the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Muslim Student Association.

Having completed her associate degree in January, Murrwa is one step closer to achieving her dream. She is now attending Brooklyn College and hopes to be accepted into the PharmD program at the University at Buffalo.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all KCC’s faculty and staff for the impact they had on my academic journey. Their passion, knowledge, and dedication have inspired me to pursue my dream and never give up. I know that to achieve my aspirations, I need to work on my personal growth through academics and shadowing experiences,” she said. “While I love and respect many parts of Egyptian culture, there will be no place in my life for quietly ‘following the crowd.’ I will get the support I need to achieve my dreams by drawing on my inner courage to stand firm in my aspirations and one day, use that same courage to empower a patient to keep on fighting.”