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Support for Scholarship - Writing Group
Caterina Pierre (Art) facilitates this group, where faculty meet to support each other in their writing. For more information or to join us,please contact Caterina at
Past and current group members include:
Carlos Arguelles (Library)
Jay Bernstein (Library)
Jean Boggs (Library)
Lesley Broder (English)    
Robert Cowan (English)                                          
Martha Clark Cummings (English)
Julia Furay (Library)
Lourdes Follins (Behavioral Sciences) 
Libby Garland (History, Philosophy & Political Science)
Valerie Gill (Nursing)                                     
Janine Graziano(English)
Gabrielle Kahn (English)
Valerie Haskell (Nursing)                                               
Renee Mirzrahi (English)    
Jennifer Noe (Library)
Hope Parisi (English)    
Caterina Pierre (Art)
Florence Schneider (Behavioral Sciences) 
Lili Shi (Communications and Performing Arts)
Petra Symister (Behavioral Sciences)
Michael Sokolov (History,Philosophy & Political Science)
Betsy Thompson (Library)  
Jason VanOra (Behavioral Sciences)
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