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​Office of Enrollment Management (A217)

​Thomas Friebel
Vice President for Enrollment Management
(718) 368-5650

Wayne Harewood
Executive Director of Enrollment Management
(718) 368-5650

The goal of the office of Enrollment Management is to make sure that your experience is a great one from the time you apply to Kingsborough until you complete your degree. We provide an array of student services in collaboration with offices that work under and with this department to help you get started or to stay on track during your academic pursuits. Our office works toward enrolling diverse students, maximizing the use of our scholarship funds, assisting students in managing their financial obligations and maintaining student retention by providing exceptional support services. We are committed to making the students success our number one priority. Kingsborough is an exciting place to learn and we are here to help. Please contact any of us if you are in need of assistance.

The Enrollment Management Division consists of the following areas: Admissions Information Center, Admission Services, International Student Affairs, One-Stop Center, Financial Aid, Testing, Registrar's Office, Single Stop Center, New Americans Center, Communications & Marketing, and Student Union & Intercultural Center.

Javier Morgades
Director of Admissions Information Center & Recruitment
Phone No:  (718) 368-4600
Room V103
Sinu Jacob
Director of Financial Aid 
Phone No.: (718) 368-4644
Room U-201
Hattie Elmore
Single Stop Coordinator
Phone No.: (718) 368-5411
Room V-231 
Michael Klein
Phone No.:(718) 368-5136
Room A-101

Matthew Papier

Director of Testing
Phone No.: (718) 368-4975
Room T-602

John Aaron

Director of Marketing, Advertising, and College Outreach
Phone No.: 718-368-5394
Room M-386
Max Oliver
Director of Admission Services
Phone No:  (718) 368-5676
Room V102
JoAnne Meyers
Director of External Relations
Phone No:  (718) 368-5169
Room V101

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