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Office of Student Life


Kingsborough Leadership Education and Recognition

Kingsborough Leadership Education and Recognition (KLEAR) is a new initiative on campus designed to reward students for the things they're already doing, and help them do more to develop their leadership skills for now and into the future.

KLEAR takes the great events that are already happening all over campus through offices like Career Development & Experiential Learning, the Men's Resource Center, Honors, Wellness, the Women's Center, and others, and gives students points for attending. In addition, KLEAR supplements these events by providing speakers and workshops to specifically develop students' leadership skills.

KLEAR points are available in 6 key areas of leadership development:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Intrapersonal Skills
  • Group Dynamics
  • Active Involvement
  • Leadership Theory
  • Social Responsibility

Students are eligible for a Level I KLEAR certificate after just 7 points, as long as those points come from at least 3 different areas. Certificates are available up to Level V, for students obtaining at least 35 points, and covering topics under all 6 areas.

KLEAR certificates are a tangible way to demonstrate your leadership development, and to help quantify the skills that employers and organizations are looking for.