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Student Evaluations of Teaching

During the Fall and Spring semesters, CUNY students are asked to complete an evaluation of their courses. Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) are a good opportunity for students to have their voice heard by giving feedback to their professors and to Kingsborough Community College about their class experience. This valuable feedback will help KCC improve the quality of our courses and instruction. The evaluations will be conducted through SmartEvals, an online course evaluation system. Each survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. While the course evaluations are not mandatory, they do help the college get valuable feedback about our courses and our professors.

Evaluations are completely anonymous. Professors will only be able to see the responses and the number of students who responded in each of their courses. Responses are released to professors only after final grades have been submitted.


Are sent via email and text to students throughout the duration of the open period. Once a student completes their course evaluations and/or withdrawn/dropped courses, notifications will no longer be sent to the student.

Withdrawn/Dropped Courses

Evaluations for withdrawn/dropped courses are also available. Once completed, students will no longer receive notifications about these courses.

Accessing Student Evaluations

Student Evaluations of Teaching are easily accessible via mobile, tablet, or computer. You can get to SmartEvals through the:

To login to SmartEvals:

If you need assistance with your KCC email address and password, please contact the Student Helpdesk via:

Contact SmartEvals

For questions/inquiries about Student Evaluations of Teaching or the SmartEvals system, please contact