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CUNY Fatherhood Academy

CUNY Fatherhood Academy

Program Description:

CUNY Fatherhood Academy (CFA) offers two free programs:

  • TASC/HSE Prep:  16-week high school equivalency
  • College/Career Prep: 10-week college and career prep program

Both the TASC and College and Career Prep programs are free for residents of New York City, specifically fathers, ages 18 to 30. Both programs offer academic support, mentorship, counseling, and workshops focused on communication, conflict resolution, vocational exploration, and parenting skills.  CFA promotes responsible parenting, college readiness, and work among unemployed and underemployed fathers. The CFA program at Kingsborough is an essential program for young fathers, assuring that the young men remain engaged and connected to their children and family while choosing to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. From longitudinal studies of families, we recognize the importance of healing and strengthening the quality of relationship between father and child, as this is an essential factor in the child’s development of self-worth, trust and resiliency. The program engages fathers to expand their capacity to provide attention, caring and material wellbeing to their child (ren).

Program Eligibility Requirements:
Must be a current or expecting biological father, Residence: New York City, Age Range: 18-30 years old

Program Benefits:

Cost: Free

Contact Information

Office Hours: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Office Location: T4-162
Office Telephone #: 718-368-6784
Office Email: