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Last updated February 2, 2021  2:00 pm

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Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2021 3:00 PM
Subject: COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Update


Dear CUNY staff and faculty,

I know that members of our community, like all New Yorkers, would like to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination process, and I know that you want to get the shot. The vaccine supply remains limited, but the situation is improving and I wanted to share some information about eligibility for CUNY employees.

As you may be aware, Phase 1b of the state’s vaccination schedule has been expanded to include people 65 and older as well as additional categories of workers including in-person college instructors and public safety officers. We are working with our government partners on potential next steps and how best to facilitate the vaccination process for members of CUNY’s community as they become eligible. In the interim, here is some pertinent information.

Eligible Employees

The list of those eligible for vaccination in Phase 1b is available here, along with additional vaccination information. The list will continue to expand as federal and state guidance evolves and vaccines become more readily available. Here are the categories of CUNY employees who currently may apply:

  • Individuals age 65 and older
  • Instructors teaching in-person courses
  • Public Safety personnel including police and peace officers
  • Fire Safety directors
  • Employees or support staff of licensed or registered childcare providers on CUNY campuses
  • P-12 school faculty and staff

Eligibility Confirmation

If you believe you qualify under one of the categories listed above, please start by visiting am-i-eligible.covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/ to confirm eligibility and schedule a vaccination appointment at a New York State-run vaccination site. Because of the limited vaccine supply, the availability of appointments has remained limited. An appointment is required to receive a vaccine; please visit the site regularly, until appointments become available. Again, this is for people who fit one of the categories outlined on the New York State Department Health website as eligible under Phase 1a or 1b.

Proof of Eligibility

Employees who schedule vaccination appointments will be asked to bring proof of eligibility. If your eligibility is due to your job at CUNY, the proof may be your CUNY ID card, a pay stub or other documentation, depending on the specific priority status. Eligible employees who have scheduled an appointment will be informed by the city or state about the type of proof they will be required to bring.

In addition, all eligible New Yorkers can find vaccination locations and access more information by visiting the NYC Vaccine Finder website and the NYC Vaccine Hubs website.

Paid Time Off

All active employees who submit appropriate documentation for vaccination appointments that occur during regularly scheduled work time will be given 2 hours of paid time off for each dose for a total 4 hours.

The federal government is taking steps to increase the supply of vaccines for a growing number of people, and I think we all should be heartened. As we obtain additional details about this rapidly evolving process, we will share that information with you.