Fall 2020

Everbridge Health Screening - Email Option

Everbridge has developed and provided to us a method using e-mail for those Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors who cannot use the Everbridge application on a mobile smartphone either because they lack a smartphone or cannot download the app on their smartphone. 

Those who need to use the email option will sign up to receive a daily reminder email and questionnaire.  The sign-up method varies by whether you have CUNY Login credentials. 

Those with CUNY Login credentials must go to the Everbridge Member Portal (please see the attached User Instructions) and log in with their single sign-on credentials.  You will see your profile, Subscriptions section, and a Select School dropdown box.  After selecting your school, you  can opt into email notifications.  The emails will begin the next day and arrive early each morning (Monday through Friday) so you can complete the questionnaire before departing for CUNY. 

Those without CUNY credentials (e.g., visitors, non-POI RF employees) should inform your colleges by the method selected by the college (e.g., designated email address) and provide your First and Last Name and Email Address. Colleges should be sure to publicize this method broadly, including on their home page. Information for those requesting daily notifications can then be entered into the Everbridge system by School Screeners or SCP Administrators. If the list exceeds 50 names, the Screener/ACP Administrator can send the list via excel to ITResiliency@cuny.edu to be included in scheduled upload to Everbridge. 

Information on this new email option will be included on CUNY.edu Coronavirus site and in the Frequently Asked Questions on that site.  Please also see the new instructions for the end users on the new email option.