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Human Resources

Performance Evaluations


FAQs for HEO-Series and Classified Staff Performance Evaluations

Administering performance evaluations is an important step in the performance management process and a vital function of faculty and managers who supervise employees. Performance evaluations measure and enhance individual performance, foster professional development and career growth, and provide documentation for personnel actions (i.e.: discipline, merit increases, etc.). Performance evaluations give supervisors and employees an opportunity to discuss: job responsibilities, performance over a specific period of time, any problems which may have arisen, and future objectives for development. Performance evaluations should be sufficiently specific to inform and guide the employee in the performance of their duties. This interactive process allows for both employee and supervisor to evaluate and summarize annual performance and to formally communicate feedback, plan upcoming goals, clarify expectations and discuss individual professional developmental aspirations. Performance evaluations are not intended to replace the continuing relationship between supervisor and employee. Supervisors are expected to meet with employees throughout the review period to provide ongoing feedback on performance. Performance evaluations are also required by the collective bargaining agreements applicable to the various HEO Series and Classified Staff titles at the College. For example, Article 18.1 of the PSC/CUNY Contract, which covers HEO-Series employees and other Instructional titles, states the following in support of why evaluations should be conducted:

"The evaluation of the professional activities of all employees in a public institution of higher education is essential to the maintenance of academic and professional standards of excellence. The purpose of professional evaluations shall be to encourage the improvement of individual professional performance and to provide a basis for decisions on reappointment, tenure and promotions. An evaluation of professional activities shall be based on total professional performance. Written evaluation shall be on file for all employees."

Annual evaluations are required for all HEO Series employees including the following:

  • Employees subject to annual reappointment
  • Employees excluded from the contract pursuant to Article 1 of the PSC/CUNY
  • Employees with 13.3b status.

The frequency in which employees should be evaluated is as follows:

  1. HEO-Series – Article 18.3b of the PSC/CUNY Contract states that HEO evaluations must be conducted at least once each year, but preferably once each semester.
  2. Classified Staff and College Assistants – Employees covered under the White Collar, Blue Collar and Skilled Trade agreements – must be evaluated quarterly in their first 12 months of service and annually thereafter.
  3. College Assistants must be evaluated annually

The forms used to conduct HEO-Series, Classified Staff and College Assistants; evaluations are as follows:

  1. HEO-Series – The CUNY Evaluation Memorandum- HEO Series form should be used.
  2. Classified Staff and College Assistants – The Classified Staff Performance Evaluation-KBCC form should be used.

Performance evaluation forms can be found on the Human Resources website at KBCC Downloadable Forms.

The Evaluation Process is as follows:

Step 1: Supervisors should set up an evaluation conference time with each employee. At this conference, the supervisor and employee should discuss the employee’s job description and performance within the past year (e.g., accomplishments, areas of improvement and strengths) and set goals for the year ahead. No written appraisals or forms are to be completed at the time of the initial evaluation conference.

Step 2: Written appraisals should then be completed after the evaluation conference between the employee and his/her supervisor.

Step 3: Supervisors should set up a second evaluation conference with the employee to review the completed appraisal form. An employee may include any comments, then sign acknowledging that he/she has read the document, and return it to the supervisor. Supervisors are reminded that employees can disagree with the assessment. An employee may attach comments to the evaluation where appropriate or submit a rebuttal to the office of human resources for inclusion in the file.

HEO evaluations and HEO reappointment notifications are two separate processes. However, performance evaluations do inform the HEO reappointment notification process. Therefore, it is important that evaluations are completed for all HEO-series employees, subject to reappointment, prior to the employees’ reappointment notification date. Please see the chart below for the HEO reappointment notification dates.

The HEO reappointment notification dates are provided in the chart.



First, Second, Third, Fourth or Fifth Reappointment

April 1st

First Appointment hired or after Oct. 1st

May 1st

HEOs who are excluded from the contract

First Year Appointment

June 1st

All subsequent Reappointments

May 1st