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Welcome to Scepter Online!

About Us!

Scepter is a publication of the students of Kingsborough Community College. It is not a college publication and therefore, the college is not responsible for its contents. The student editors have full responsibility for content.

The views represented inn these pages do not represent the views of KCC students, faculty or staff. Scepter welcomes letters to the editors and opinions from the entire Kingsborough Community.

All articles in Scepter remain the sole property of Scepter. To obtain reprint permission, please contact the editors of Scepter at 718 - 368 - 5603


Scepter is always recruiting new team members to contribute to monthly editions of the paper. If you are a Kingsborough student and are interested in writing, photography, layout design, or copy editing, talk to us in M230.

You can also email your opinion or letter to the editor to: