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Grants and Scholarships


The Kingsborough Community College Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) established in 1982, exists solely to benefit Kingsborough Community College.  Funds are used to provide student scholarships, support faculty development and scholarship, enrich the student learning experience, and build the college's endowment for future generations.  

The KCC Foundation offers a variety of scholarships year-round for eligible students in need of direct financial assistance:

Kingsborough Community College Scholarship Grants:

Once a student has established a GPA of 2.0 or better, they may apply for scholarship assistance, which can be used towards tuition, textbooks, transportation and other expenses related to their college attendance.  A student must have remaining financial need in order to obtain a KCC grant.  Remaining need is confirmed by completing a FAFSA form or by meeting with the coordinator of the Access Resource Center Office.

Applications are available in the Office of Enrollment Management in Room A-217, where you will also meet with a staff member to review your situation. KCC grants require a 500-word statement as to how the funds will be used towards your education.  Average grants are $250 and may be awarded only once per semester.

Carroll and Milton Petrie Emergency Fund:

The Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund provides eligible students facing short-term, non-recurring emergencies with a one-time grant to alleviate the situation. To ensure that the greatest number of students in need get assistance, recipients will receive only one grant during their tenure at KCC.

The grant seeks to assist students so they can continue and complete their education at the College. Preference will be given to students with extreme emergencies. All grant requests will require documentation. You must submit documentation(s) attesting to the validity of any claims made or reasons given for the request. You will meet with the Enrollment Management staff to discuss your emergency and the appropriate documentation that will be required.

Note: Petrie grants will not be given for tuition cost, college debts or legal representation.

Applications are available in the Office of Enrollment Management in Room A-217.