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We know you want a college experience that's academically stimulating, financially affordable and personally rewarding. Before applying to Kingsborough (KCC), get to know our campus, explore next steps in the application process, and learn more about our pre-enrollment programs that support academic success.


Committed to earning your associate’s degree? If yes, ASAP is for you. ASAP is designed to help associate degree-seeking students earn their degrees as quickly as possible by eliminating systemic barriers that prevents timely degree completion. Begin your path to personal and academic success with ASAP!

As an ASAP student, you will benefit from comprehensive and personalized advisement, academic support services, professional development opportunities, tuition assistance, transportation and textbooks. You will be part of our ASAP family and well on your way to personal and academic success!

Program Benefits

  • A dedicated ASAP advisor
  • A free unlimited MetroCard
  • Assistance with college textbooks
  • An ASAP Scholarship for eligible students
  • Take classes with other ASAP students
  • Get connected to Career and internship opportunities

Program Eligibility

  • Be a New York City resident and/or eligible for in-city tuition
  • Have no more than 20 credits if you are a transfer or continuing student
  • Be in good academic standing (GPA above 2.0)
  • Be committed to graduating from KCC within three years or less

Steps to Apply

To start, submit an Interest Form.

How do I apply to ASAP?
Start by completing our Interest Form. You will then be emailed your eligibility information and next steps. ASAP Interest Form

I am not sure that I qualify for ASAP. How do I find out?
Email us at

How do I connect with my ASAP Academic Advisor?
Schedule an appointment with your advisor on Starfish or join our virtual office on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays 9:30AM – 4:00PM and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30AM – 6:30PM (when classes are in session).

How do I complete my Financial Aid Applications?
Review the KCC Office of Financial Aid website for step-by-step instructions or join the virtual office for additional assistance

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KCC is your campus! Find your future self here. Succeeding in college requires an investment and KCC ASAP is invested in you. Learn ways to engage with KCC ASAP and build your community of success.



The ASAP staff at Kingsborough Community College are a dynamic group of professionals who proudly reflect the diversity of New York City. We are committed to seeing our students succeed. We are here to guide our students as they achieve their goals.

Leadership and Administration

Martha Greasley - Director
Nefer Bovea - Associate Director
Jenny Frimpong- Associate Director
Matthew Latessa - Associate Director of Recruitment
Devon Nixon - Associate Director of Collaborative Strategies
Duchess Ayettey - Program Coordinator of Recruitment
Bryant Barksdale - Recruitment Coordinator
Robert Cincinnati - Administrative Specialist
Nympha Pierre - Career Employment Specialist
Ruben Landaverde - Financial Aid Specialist
Juanita Sakil - Administrative Assistant
Krystine Broomes - Administrative Assistant
Marco Daniel - Administrative Assistant
Danielle Da Costa – Academic Student Support Specialist

Bernadette Burch - Retention Specialist
Sarah Beck - Senior Academic Advisor
Marie Williams – Academic Advisor
Mariyama Sow – Academic Advisor

Arielle Richards - Academic Advisor
Jenifer Francis - Academic Advisor
Nicolas Luxama - Academic Advisor

Roberto Garcia - Academic Advisor
Sheby Abraham – Academic Advisor

Shrandra Edmeade - Academic Advisor
Susan Richards - Academic Advisor
Trevaughn Hall - Academic Advisor
Vanessa Ramjas - Academic Advisor
Alvin Cannon – Academic Advisor
Victoria Ronin – Academic Advisor

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