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Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Institutional Effectiveness

At its core, Institutional Effectiveness is about gathering and sharing evidence of the College’s progress toward achieving its mission and institutional goals. Documenting evidence that the College is progressing towards achievement of its mission takes shape in multiple ways including through institution-wide surveys, institutional research reports, CUNY performance metrics, and other data reporting.

Campus-Wide Assessment Updates

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness periodically provides overall summaries of assessment of academic and AES programs. 

Campus-Wide Surveys

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness assists in the development and administration of campus-wide surveys to evaluate the status of the campus as a whole.

Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Surveys:

    1. Fall 2019 Results Summary

    2. Fall 2021 Results Summary and FSSS Committee Recommendations

    3. Fall 2022 Results Summary and FSSS Committee Recommendations

COACHE Surveys:

Other KCC Surveys:

CUNY-Wide Survey

CUNY conducts surveys of all CUNY students and shares the results with the Colleges. Some surveys include:

Institutional Effectiveness Reports

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness reports out on campus-wide metrics to evaluate overall progress toward the College’s mission and goals as well as metrics set forth by CUNY’s PMP and the new Strategic Road map.

      1. PMP 2019-2020 Executive Summary and Year-End Report

      2. PMP 2019-2020 Highlights and Executive Summary

      3. PMP 2020-2021 University Data Book and KCC Year-End Report

      4. PMP 2021-2022 Data Book and KCC Year-End Report

QUEST Newsletters: Institutional Effectiveness Highlights

The QUEST Newsletter series was launched in Fall 2023 and consists of monthly emails that showcase how assessment results are used across the College. This newsletter series is intended to share information about data, evaluation, and assessment across the College in a format that is easily accessible to all readers. Besides illustrating the assessment work going on at KCC, this series also helps us answer the questions:

  • What data do we collect or have access to that can help us make decisions about how to guide our work?
  • How can/do we use that data to guide our work?

QUEST Highlights #1: Culture of Assessment Survey 

QUEST Highlights #2: Mental Health Awareness Survey 

QUEST Highlights #3: Faculty Affairs Orientation Assessment 

QUEST Highlights #4: Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Survey Updates

QUEST Highlights #5: Using Assessment to Develop Instruction Strategies in English Composition Courses

Assessment Week

In Spring 2022 and Spring 2023, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness hosted Assessment Week, a series of events, emails, and discussions centered around assessment of Student Success, General Education, Academic Assessment, and AES Assessment. 

Assessment Week 2022

Assessment Week 2023

In Spring 2024, the office shifted its model to a series of events across the whole semester, rather than doing everything in one week.