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New Full-Time Faculty for Fall 2023


Shannon Caravello
Assistant Professor | Health Sciences

Meet Dr. Shannon Caravello, a dedicated educator with over 15 years of experience as an adjunct at Kingsborough Community College and administrator of the KCC Community Farm and Garden. Born and raised in Brooklyn, her roots are intertwined with the city's vibrancy. Shannon's research focuses on plant-based diets and the impact of hands-on gardening on healthy eating. As she takes on the role of assistant professor in the health sciences program for the upcoming fall semester, her commitment to fostering a healthier community is set to enrich the learning experience for all.

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Bryan Carter
Doctoral Lecturer | Political Science

Dr. Bryan Carter has joined our department of history, philosophy, and political science as a full-time doctoral lecturer. Returning to New York after six years in Brooklyn post his undergraduate studies, Bryan’s academic journey spans political science, Africana studies, and expository writing at Johns Hopkins University. Holding degrees from Temple University, the New School for Social Research, and Johns Hopkins University, he delves into the intricacies of black, urban, and racial politics in the U.S., particularly exploring the connections between political economy, race, and the evolution of criminal legal institutions. Alongside his scholarly pursuits, Bryan enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and has a deep appreciation for music.

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Deborah Durbin
Doctoral Lecturer | Chemistry

Meet Dr. Deborah J. Durbin, our newest doctoral lecturer in the physical sciences department. Deborah moved from Kingston, Ontario to NYC three years ago. With a strong passion for chemistry and an impressive teaching background, she brings a wealth of experience to KCC. Deborah made notable contributions with computational chemistry, particularly in utilizing carbon nanomaterials for hydrogen gas purification and storage – a pivotal advancement for fuel cell vehicles – and has since transitioned to studying environmentally friendly vanillin production. Recognized with the 2023 Award of Excellence for Innovative Pedagogy, Deborah's engaging teaching style aligns perfectly with KCC's values. Beyond academia, she's passionate about open water swimming. In fact, she was the founder of the King Wolf Swim, a 5 km open-water swim event in Kingston, Ontario. We're excited to welcome her to the open waters enveloping the KCC campus!

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Hun Bok  Jung
Assistant Professor | Chemistry

Introducing environmental geochemist Dr. Hun Bok Jung, our new assistant professor in the physical sciences department. Originally from South Korea, Hun Bok’s  academic journey led him to New York City for his Ph.D. studies, and his expertise spans diverse roles across institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. With a focus on environmental risks and solutions, his 30 published research papers delve into groundwater arsenic, geologic carbon storage, pollution remediation, and more. Returning to NYC, he's set to teach chemistry and environmental science, bringing his dynamic experience to our classrooms and research endeavors.

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Chico Knight
Doctoral Lecturer | Education

Meet Dr. Chico Knight, our new lecturer in the Behavioral Sciences Department's Education Studies Program. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Chico started at Jackson State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He holds a master’s degree in environmental management, a master’s degree in curriculum and teaching, and two doctoral degrees—one in quality systems and environmental policy and another in curriculum and teaching. Beyond academia, Chico served as a United States Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander, responding to events like Hurricane Katrina and BP Deepwater Horizon. Transitioning to education, he taught high school science and contributed to programs at Teachers College, Hunter College, and Arizona State University. Chico’s research delves into educational inequities, with particular emphasis on college success, race, gender, and sexuality. His experience in curriculum development, program operations, and inclusive education makes him a valuable addition to the College.

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Alicia Marcelin
Assistant Professor | Nursing

Alicia Marcelin, a Brooklyn native and Kingsborough Community College alumna, has transitioned from adjunct faculty to full-time assistant professor in the nursing department. With a strong dedication to education and over a decade of critical care experience, she's committed to sharing her expertise. Alicia's research focuses on improving healthcare for homeless and underserved populations. She's eager to engage with our diverse student body, fostering their nursing passion. Beyond academia, she's an enthusiast of travel, dance, fashion, music, and culinary exploration, looking forward to connecting with like-minded professionals and students.

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Beata Monsanto

Lecturer | 
Surgical Technology

Beata Monsanto, BSN, RN, CST, is a new full-time lecturer of surgical technology in KCC’s Department of Allied Health, Mental Health, and Human Services. Originally from Hungary, she came to the United States 23 years ago to support her family. After moving to New York, getting married, and becoming a mother, she and her husband enrolled at KCC and alternated when they would attend classes so one could be home with the child. Beata graduated from KCC's surgical tech program in 2017 and then earned a nursing degree from Long Island University. She honed her skills in the operating room for over six years, contributing to a variety of services. She’s come full circle, sharing her passion for helping students succeed in the program that first nurtured her career.

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Megan O'Neill
Doctoral Lecturer | English

Megan O'Neill, the newest addition to Kingsborough Community College's English department, brings two decades of writing experience. She holds a Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing from Virginia Tech and has excelled in academia, earning accolades like the Provost's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Dean's Award for Excellence in University Service during her time at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Megan's expertise lies in research writing and supporting STEM students. Her research interests align with Kingsborough's commitment to student success. Outside academia, she volunteers with Social Tees Animal Rescue and is pursuing wine education. Megan is eager to contribute to our community of student-focused professionals.

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Michael Palladino
Lecturer | Fashion

Introducing Michael J. Palladino, a seasoned fashion professional and educator, now joining the Business of Fashion program as a full-time lecturer. With a background spanning almost 40 years of diverse experiences, including a 17-year tenure at Henri Bendel catering to A-list clients, academic roles at LIM College and Kingsborough Community College, and a directorial position at YEOHLEE, Michael's journey from the fashion industry to academia has been colorful. He's not only passionate about fashion as a mode of communication but also dedicated to social advocacy through organizations like Safe Horizon and United Colors of Fashion. Thrilled to share his insights, Michael aims to empower students and make a positive impact at KCC.

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Christopher Thompson
Lecturer | Music

Introducing Christopher L. Thompson, aka "Master Christopher," KCC’s new lecturer in the communications and performing arts department. Originally from Greensboro, NC, he now resides in Philadelphia, PA. An alumnus of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, Chris was drum captain for the renowned Cold Steel Drumline while earning his bachelor's degree. He holds a master's degree in percussion performance and a postbaccalaureate jazz studies certificate from the University of North Carolina Greensboro School of Music. Currently pursuing a doctorate at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, Chris brings extensive teaching experience from High Point University, where he directed the Panther Pulse Drumline, and Guilford County Schools, where he integrated arts into the curriculum. Founder of Motivational Arts, Performance, & Sound (M.A.P.S.), Chris empowers underrepresented groups through the arts. As a dynamic performer and composer, his debut album, "Music Desegregation by Master Christopher," fuses contemporary percussion, jazz, classical, and rap. Chris looks forward to impacting students and building relationships at KCC while enjoying travel, golf, and grilling in his free time.

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Puisan Wong
Doctoral Lecturer | Speech

Meet Dr. Puisan Wong, a new doctoral lecturer in Kingsborough Community College's Department of Communications and Performance Arts. Holding a Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center, her academic journey spans teaching and research positions at Brooklyn College, Ohio State University, and the University of Hong Kong, where she became a tenured associate professor. Driven by her clinical insight, her research explores speech and language development, communication interventions for children, and bilingual speech training. Returning to the CUNY family holds deep significance for her. As an immigrant and second language learner herself, she aims to inspire and guide students through challenges, drawing from her personal journey.

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We also welcome new full-time faculty: Bridget Berran, Assistant Professor | Nursing and Malka Machlus, Doctoral Lecturer | Earth & Planetary Sciences.