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CUNY Study Abroad Program

CUNY Study Abroad Program

The City University of New York offers summer and winter programs in many countries and Kingsborough students may be eligible to take advantage of these international experiences.  Interested students should visit

 for information on CUNY study abroad opportunities and scholarships.

 In order to apply for participation in the Study Abroad Program, students must:

 1. have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher*

2. have completed at least 24 credits (beyond developmental courses)

3. have finished all basic skills requirements

4. go through the selection process and

5. be able to cover the cost of the program for which they are responsible.  All federal

    and state aid may be applied towards education abroad.  Contact the financial aid

    office for further information.  

6. have a valid passport and be able to obtain a visa to the destination country hosting

    the study abroad experience. 

The core requirements for international travel are as follows:

Obtain travel insurance from Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  All travelers must be covered by CUNY's policy with CISI.  The codes for purchasing this policy and assistance with insuring groups can be obtained from the College Study Abroad Office.

NOTE: CISI incident insurance has been of critical importance in situations where the political security situation has changed, and in situations where accident or illness necessitated medical evacuations services.  However, no insurance can substitute for effective oversight of proposed travel, especially when destinations are subject to a State Department or CDC Travel Warning.

Obtain required forms including:

The CUNY International Trip, Travel or Program Proposal Cover Sheet and Proposal, to be submitted to the CUNY Office of International Education ( after approval by the college's Chief Academic Officer, well in advance of departure and before any financial or other commitments are made to a trip.


  • The CUNY International Travel Notification Form.
  • The CUNY International Travel Participation, Waiver and Emergency Contact Form (which is collected from all travelers and retained at the College).
  • Participation in a general health, safety, and international cultural awareness orientation for all CUNY-sponsored programs for students going abroad, which must address the application of CUNY's Sexual Misconduct Policy while abroad as part of general health and safety training. 
  • Students must receive a copy of Understanding Title IX Guidelines When Abroad:  A Student Guide.

Any student wishing to travel on non-CUNY programs or through individual programs should access the following website:

 International opportunities available to CUNY students must be fully compliant with the CUNY International Travel Guidelines (ITG).

 Information regarding the core requirements is from a November 6, 2015 Memorandum regarding The CUNY International Travel Guidelines:  Requirements and Responsibilities issued by CUNY's Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer.

 *Some programs may require a 2.50 grade point average.