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Achieving the Dream

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Kingsborough Community College's Learning Communities Drive Increases in Degree Attainment
Congratulatory Statement from Achieving the Dream President and CEO William Trueheart

Kingsborough Community College became a member college of the Achieving the Dream network in 2012. That same year, ATD president and CEO William Truehart recognized KCC as an “exemplar of excellence and equity” because of our outstanding record of student success in learning communities.  KCC’s Opening Doors Learning Communities continues to be featured in ATD’s online Interventions Showcase.

In 2015, KCC applied for and received Leader College status within the ATD network. Leader College is a national designation awarded to community colleges that have demonstrated their commitment to improving student success and closing equity gaps by:

  • Demonstrating through careful data analysis a general trend upward in student achievement

  • Successfully scaling effective interventions to serve more and eventually most of a target student population

  • Sharing and supporting replication of successful, scalable and sustainable innovations

  • Advocating for ATD core values and principles at the state and national level

Kingsborough Community College is proud of its leading role in Achieving the Dream, and after five productive years as a member institution, is as staunchly committed as ever to the ATD principles of inclusive excellence, evidence-based decision making, and student success for all, especially low-income students and students of color.





As we build on our achievements within ATD, KCC has adapted ATD’s capacity-building framework to focus our current and future strategic planning around equity as a core value and a continuing challenge. 

The image above represents KCC’s adapted framework. Equity is the focal point that guides our new student success initiatives, faculty development opportunities, strategic decision-making, college wide conversations, and institutional assessment priorities.  This model also promotes intentional resource allocation to support these initiatives.

Kingsborough’s ATD Equity Wheel represents our commitment to deep institutional change that unites the campus under one common goal. In 2015, KBCC’s College Council enshrined this commitment by adopting a campus Diversity Statement declaring our shared belief that “a focus on inclusive excellence the proactive fostering of greater diversity, inclusion, and ultimately equity at every level of college life will maximize success for all members of the college community”. Like ATD’s Equity Statement, KCC’s Diversity Statement carefully distinguishes between diversity, inclusion and equity, noting in particular that equity requires “active removal or mitigation of hindrances to full access to opportunities, resources and support for all members of a community.” 

Success Summit

ATDKingsborough Community College is justly proud of our student success metrics; our graduation and retention rates are among the highest in CUNY.  The Student Success Summit is the beginning of an open, collaborative and campus wide conversation about those metrics with the faculty and staff whose hard work and commitment contribute so fundamentally to them.

During the summit, we will share specific institutional data related to student success, particularly related to equitable success outcomes across demographic student groups, and we will engage in a dialogue about that data.   We envision the summit as a first step in building a community driven culture of inquiry around data: around the data we are collecting, around the conclusions we are drawing, around the actions we are taking as a result, and around how assumptions embedded in these processes foster or inhibit student success.

equality equity(Credit for the graphic above: AAC&U)