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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards for Title IV Financial Aid

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Information Guide:

  1. What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?
  2. Incomplete grade (INC) deadlines
  3. SAP Evaluation on remedials, repeated courses, forgiveness and readmit students
  4. SAP Appeal Process
  5. How to Submit a SAP Appeal
  6. SAP Deadlines
  7. What is an Academic Plan?
  8. Important Student Resources

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the term used to describe a student's successful completion of their coursework toward a degree. To be eligible for federal student aid, all students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). A student who fails to meet the SAP standards will not receive Federal Student Aid and will be denied financial assistance for a term or academic year.

Students who have not met the SAP standards can appeal, and if approved, their financial assistance can be reinstated. To appeal, please continue reading the guidelines below regarding the submission of an appeal with approved documentation.

The SAP Standards are as follows:

GPA Please refer to the SAP Chart.

Students must complete 67% of credits attempted each semester to remain compliant with SAP standards.

For example, a full-time student (12 + credits), if the student attempted 32 total credits he/she must at least successfully complete 8 credits to meet the SAP standards.

Please Note: This information can also be found on the SAP Chart


The maximum allowable timeframe for receiving aid is equal to 150% of the published length of the academic program.

For example, if a student is pursuing a degree that requires 60 credits for graduation, then the student would reach the maximum timeframe at 90 credits attempted.

Remedial courses (up to 30 credit hours) will not be counted towards the maximum timeframe.

PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of your degree/course work is defined as having received the below grades:

  • A, B, C, D
  • andCR grades are considered successfully completed courses and count towards attempted and completed credits. However, these grades are not included in the calculation of the GPA.

The following grades will be counted as attempted credits, but NOT as successfully completed course work towards a degree:

  • F and WU grades are included in the calculation of the GPA
  • R, W, WD, NC grades are not included in the calculation of the GPA

Incomplete grade (INC) deadlines
  • INC - Incompletes (INC) are counted as attempted credits only, until the student completes the coursework. Once the INC changes to a grade, it will be considered as successfully completed and will be included in the calculation of the GPA.
  • If the student fails to complete the INC grade, the INC will change to an F (FINC). FINC affects the GPA and will not count as successfully completed.
  • Fall 2023 - November 16, 2023 (Last day for removal of INC for Spring 2023/ Summer 2023)
  • Spring 2024 - May 6, 2024 (Last day for removal of INC for Fall 2023/ Winter 2023)
  • Fall 2024 - TBA (Last day for removal of INC for Spring 2024/ Summer 2024)
  • Spring 2025 - TBA (Last day for removal of INC for Fall 2024/ Winter 2025)

SAP Evaluation on Remedial, Repeated Courses, Forgiveness and Readmit students:

Time of Evaluation: At the end of each academic year, once the grades for the spring session are finalized, the Financial Aid Office will evaluate all students to determine if they meet SAP requirements. Qualified students who meet SAP will be eligible to receive federal student aid. Students who fail to meet SAP will not be eligible to receive federal student aid.

Financial Aid Suspension: If a student fails to maintain SAP, they will be placed on financial aid suspension for the following academic year and will remain on suspension until all SAP requirements are met. The student will not be eligible to receive federal student aid during that time.

Remedial Courses: A student will not receive federal student aid for any remedial hours exceeding 30 credit hours. Remedial hours are not counted towards attempted credits, successfully completed credits, or in the calculation of the GPA.

Repeated Courses: Repeated courses are counted towards credits attempted, credits completed, and the GPA. Please refer to the KCC College Catalog for further information on repeated courses.

Transfer Credits: Transfer credits approved by Kingsborough Community College are counted towards attempted and successfully completed credits. Transfer credits are not counted towards the GPA.

Readmission under the Forgiveness Policy: Federal Student Aid does not consider the forgiveness policy when determining if students are maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Financial Aid Office counts all attempted and completed credits since a student's first semester at KCC. The total number of attempted and completed credits is used to determine if students are maintaining SAP. Additionally, students' cumulative grade point average (GPA) is used to determine if they are maintaining SAP. A student readmitted under forgiveness may not meet the SAP standard in their first semester of re-enrollment.

Readmission under the Forgiveness Policy and the Academic Plan: Student who are readmitted under the forgiveness policy must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and meet SAP under the new academic progress to maintain their financial aid eligibility. This plan will be emailed to students as appeals are submitted and approved.

Readmission: A student who is readmitted to KCC must be considered a matriculated (degree-seeking) student to be eligible for federal student aid. Readmitted students must meet all SAP requirements upon readmission to be considered for federal student aid.

Note: The SAP Appeal is different from the appeal used for readmission. Usually, a student who readmits in poor academic standing and had to file an appeal will also need to file an SAP appeal with the Financial Aid Office.

SAP Appeal Process

In some cases, a student's failure to meet the SAP standard is due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control. If such an event can be documented for the specific semester(s) when the SAP standards were not met, the student may appeal their financial aid suspension. The student must submit an SAP Appeal Form with supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office.

The SAP Appeal must be based on extenuating circumstances that affected their academic performance. Below are examples of possible extenuating circumstances and examples of supporting documentation you must provide.

Additionally, an appeal will only be approved if the student can meet SAP standards by the end of the academic year for which the appeal is being submitted. There are no limits on when an appeal can be submitted; however, students cannot use the same extenuating circumstances as in prior appeals. In addition, approval for students submitting more than one appeal is not guaranteed.

Submission of an SAP appeal does not guarantee an adjustment to a student's award nor prevent the accrual of late fees on any unpaid tuition balances. Students are responsible for their tuition and any late fees they may incur, regardless of their appeal.

Examples of circumstance behind SAP failure Examples of Supporting Documentation 

The student's own illness. Medical bill or letter from physicians.
Death of a family member. Copy of death certificate.
Illness or accident a close relative. Physician's statement, police report, documentation from a third party professional.
Other personal circumstance or work related issues Detailed personal statement. For work related issues letter from employer is needed with hours worked per week, etc.
Failing pace or maximum attempted because excessive transfer units, major change, or academic performance concerns. Personal statement, proof of academic advisement consultation (or other as advised by SAP Specialist)

How to Submit a SAP Appeal
SAP Appeal Submission

SAP Appeal Deadline: The initial appeal must be received on the following dates.
Please note that deadline dates are based on enrollment:

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

  • Enrolled in Summer 2024 – 7/29/2024
  • Enrolled in Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 – 7/29/2024

Fall 2024 and Spring 2025

  • Enrolled in Fall 2024 – 12/9/2024
  • Enrolled in Fall 2024 and Winter 2024 – 2/18/2025

Students are allowed to submit an appeal by the deadline dates mentioned above. According to Federal Student Aid (FSA) guidance, an appeal must be approved within the semester for the student to receive payment.

Students are approved at KCC under an academic plan, and this plan must be feasible for a student to be approved. We encourage students to submit an appeal early so that there is a clear understanding of the student's progress and what is expected for their progress towards their degree and SAP requirements. If the student is submitting an appeal for the fall semester, we encourage them to submit the appeal between August and October. If the student is submitting an appeal for the spring semester, we encourage them to submit the appeal between January and March.

Please be informed that the following grades will be counted as attempted credits but NOT as successfully completed coursework towards a degree. If the student earned these grades when the appeal is submitted, we cannot guarantee that an academic plan will be possible, which can lead to a denied appeal.

The below grades are NOT considered successfully completed coursework:

- F and WU, F grades are included in the calculation of the GPA. WU grades as of Fall 2021, are not included in the calculation of the GPA but are included in the attempted credits.

- R, W, WD, NC, grades are not included in the calculation of the GPA but are included in the attempted credits.

What is an Academic Plan

Below you will find examples on how to meet your academic plan:

GPA Your plan will list the GPA you are to have at the end of each term.
PACE Your plan will list the amount of credits you are to earn to meet the PACE standards at the end of each term; and you are to obtain successfully completed grades only.

Your plan will list the amount of credits you are to earn to meet the pace standards to complete your degree.

If you are over the maximum time frame you are required to be enrolled in courses needed for your major/degree at KBCC. You are to obtain successfully completed grades only.  

COMBINATION Please note if you have failed more than one of the SAP standards you must meet all the above simultaneously.


IMPORTANT: If the SAP appeal is denied, students will not be eligible for Federal Student Aid. Students will need to seek alternative financial resources (Alternative Loans Only) and must cover any tuition liabilities out of pocket.

Important Student Resources

Tips to Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to ensure you are taking the correct classes towards your degree.
  • The earlier you know your progress status, the more time you will have to improve.
  • Speak with your professors early in the semester to confirm your progress.
  • Meet with your professor during their office hours for extra help.
  • Seek FREE tutoring early in the semester, if available.

Utilize your Resources

Below are suggestions and a few on-campus resources. Contact the departments directly for information on services and hours of operation. For a list of additional resources, visit the KCC Student Resources page.

Academic Resources: Helps with academic needs, and resources/services which can assist in the completion of your degree.  

Personal & Social Resources: Helps with personal needs, housing, and other resources, which can assist in the completion of your degree.  

At Kingsborough Community College, we prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of our users' information. Any personal data collected, including but not limited to names, contact details, and enrollment information, is treated with the utmost care and security. Regarding SAP Appeal Deadlines, we adhere to strict guidelines to ensure timely processing and review. The initial appeal must be received by the specified deadline, which is determined based on enrollment dates. For any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices or the handling of your personal information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to maintaining transparency and safeguarding the privacy of our users at all times.