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Writing Across the Curriculum

At the City University of New York (CUNY), the Writing Across the Curriculum Program was established in 1999 through a Board of Trustees resolution, “to ensure that writing instruction is regarded as a common responsibility and that the development of writing proficiency becomes a focus of the entire undergraduate curriculum.” Since then, programs have been developed on each of the 17 CUNY campuses, each with its own character andstructure. This website will introduce you to Kingsborough’s approach to achieving those important goals of shared responsibility and a focus on writing in all the disciplines.

KCC’s WAC Program consists of three distinct but interrelated components:

  1. Writing intensive courses: KCC offers some 100 writing intensive sections every Fall and Spring semester and students are required to take at least one before graduating. See WAC for Students for more information.
  2. Faculty certification program: At KCC we don’t designate courses as writing intensive; we certify individual faculty members from all departments to teach in our writing intensive program. See WAC for Faculty for more information.
  3. The Writing Fellow program: Every fall KCC welcomes a group of CUNY PhD candidates to our campus to serve in a variety of capacities within the WAC Program. See WAC for Writing Fellows for more information.