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ePermit FAQ

ePermit Frequently Asked Questions

For all ePermit questions and issues, please email the unit's email at not individual staff in the office.  Please include your full name and Emplid (CUNYfirst eight-digit number) in the subject line of the email.  Please use your official student email account to communicate with us.   

Please allow approximately 3 to 7 business days for a response to your email inquiry (Holiday/weather-related closings and weekends excluded).  During times of high traffic, there will be a delay in responding to emails.  We ask for your patience and cooperation as we manage all aspects of ePermit processes and respond to all students’ questions and inquiries. 

Please note that filing an application does not guarantee approval permission, and permission does not guarantee registration.  

ePermit Processing Time

Epermits will be reviewed in the order of receipt, in approximately 3 to 7 business days (Holiday/weather-related closings and weekends excluded).  We cannot expedite or prioritize ePermit requests.  To be fair to all applicants, ePermits will have to wait in queue to be reviewed.    

Outgoing ePermits 
(Matriculated Kingsborough students requesting to take an ePermit at another CUNY college)

Before filing any ePermits, please read the comprehensive information we have on our website to better understand the ePermit policies and process

  • In-progress courses cannot be used to satisfy pre-requisites for registration into courses in the next sequence.
  • ePermit or study abroad applications will not be approved during your final semester, as it may jeopardize your graduation

If you are not in the CUNYBA program (CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies), please do not select the Permit Type, 'CUNY Baccalaureate.'  If you are not trying to study abroad, please do not select the Permit Type, 'Study Abroad.'  Any of the other permit types will suffice.

Search the Schedule of Classes to find out what courses will be offered at Kingsborough or other CUNY Colleges: 

You must speak with an advisor prior to applying for an ePermit.  Your advisor will assist you with equivalencies. 

Kingsborough students may take courses on ePermit based on the following limits per term & session:   

  • FALL Term:  10 credits
  • WINTER Session (within Fall Term):  Two courses (8 credits maximum)
  • SPRING Term: 10 credits
  • SUMMER Session (within Spring Term): Two courses (8 credits maximum) 

Please check your ePermit request status via your CUNYFirst account.  All approved/denied/cancelled ePermit requests should have comments/details left in the ePermit application.  Please check for eRegistrar comments on the bottom of page: 'View/Hide Comments.'  

Once submitted, you can check the status or the details of the ePermit form by returning to Student Center > ePermit option on the drop down menu > "Search ePermit" > Choose the desired term @ Kingsborough College> Select desired ePermit application on far left hand side > Continue.   

NOTE:  Denied or cancelled ePermits cannot be reactivated.  A new ePermit has to be resubmitted to be reconsidered.  The ePermit will be in the queue at the date and time you resubmit.  It cannot be prioritized.   

Once an ePermit is approved by Kingsborough College, a "Student on ePermit/PERM" code will be placed on the student's Kingsborough College enrollment records (class schedule).  If you see an ePermit form approved, it is only showing approval for Kingsborough College.  This does not reflect the status at the Host College. 

You will have to wait for the Host College to process your ePermit and, if approved, give you an active term and enrollment appointment.  Some Host Colleges send emails, and some do not. You can try to enroll into the approved host course only (not any other courses) using your CUNYFirst account (add course to Shopping Cart > Checkout completely).  Appointment and registration issues at the Host College should be followed up with the Host College, not Kingsborough College.  We do not have access to other colleges' systems. 

Follow this navigation:  CUNYFIRST > STUDENT CENTER > ENROLLMENT DATES > DETAILS > DESIRED TERM@ DESIRED COLLEGE > CONTINUE.  If it automatically shows your enrollment appointment at Kingsborough College, you may have to click 'change term' to go back and see all terms and school options. 

All credits and grades of courses taken at the Host College on approved ePermit will be transferred and posted to your record and included in your cumulative grade point average. 
The Repeat Policy does NOT apply to ePermit courses.  After the end of the official grading period at Kingsborough College, a process will be run to retrieve all ePermit grades collectively.  Grades and credits will only be posted to your record in accordance with what course (or courses) was approved.  Grades are posted manually and may take approximately 10 business days to be reflected in CUNYfirst.  Once your grade and credits are posted, you may find the information in the 'Other Credits' section at the end of your Unofficial Transcript or at CUNYfirst > Student Center > My Course History.  Degree Works will be updated with the newly posted e-Permit course's grade and credits within several days after being posted in CUNYfirst at Kingsborough.

Please cancel before the session starts.  This will ensure a timely review and adjustment to your account for tuition liability and financial aid purposes.  If the course has been cancelled, you must notify epermit@kbcc.cuny.eduIf you are registered for any Host College courses, you must drop them via your CUNYfirst student account.  We do not have access to drop you from any Host College courses.  Do not try to drop the PERM code on your Kingsborough College schedule.  This code will be updated by the ePermit unit in the last step of the cancellation process.  The ePermit status will only change to 'Cancelled' after the ePermit unit completes your cancellation request.  Cancellation processing time is approximately 3 - 7 business days.

To cancel any outgoing ePermits already approved by Kingsborough College, please send the following email via your official Kingsborough student email. 

I would like to officially cancel the following approved ePermit(s): Full Name, Emplid (CUNYFirst eight-digit number), Term/Session of ePermit, Host College, and Host College course.

Incoming ePermits  

    The processing time for incoming e-permits is approximately 3 - 7 business   

    days (Holiday/weather-related closings and weekends excluded).


 An email will be sent to every email listed in your CUNYfirst account.  Your Home College ePermit unit will also be included on this email.  You may also use this navigation: CUNYFIRST > STUDENT CENTER > ENROLLMENT DATES > DETAILS > DESIRED TERM@ DESIRED COLLEGE > CONTINUE.>

NOTE:  All denied and cancelled ePermits cannot be reactivated. A new ePermit has to be resubmitted to be reconsidered. The ePermit will be in queue as the date and time you resubmit.  It cannot be prioritized.

Please note that filing an application does not guarantee approval permission, and permission does not guarantee registration.