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Graduate FAQ


Everything You Need to Know About Graduation

In order to earn a KCC degree, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be matriculated during your last term of attendance at Kingsborough.
  2. Earn 60 credits (or the specific credit requirement for your major) meeting the specific course requirements for your degree.
  3. Have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the end of your last term.
  4. Have passed a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) if you entered Kingsborough in Fall 2010 or after.
  5. Meet any required grading requirements for the course(s) (such as a minimum grade of "C" in nursing courses).
  6. Have passed the CUNY Reading, Writing, and Mathematics assessment examinations.
  7. Have completed two Civic Engagement (CE) interactions if you are a Pathways student; click here for a list of Civic Engagement courses.
  8. Apply for graduation in CUNYfirst using your student center.  When the filing period is open, click on the "Apply for Graduation" link to proceed with your application.  If the link is not visible, you may not be eligible to apply at this time.  See your Academic Advisor for more information.  Only students who have discontinued status will be permitted to apply in person at the Registrar's Office.  Consult the Academic Calendar for opening and closing filing dates. 

Please Note: Records are not automatically evaluated for graduation eligibility once you have accumulated 60 credits. You must file an official graduation application.  Otherwise, your academic record will not be reviewed. 

Once you apply for graduation, the Registrar's graduation staff evaluates your record and determines whether you have met the degree requirements. Letters are mailed to only those students who have deficiencies; you will be informed in writing of what degree requirements you are missing. It is the student's responsibility to fulfill his or her specific degree requirements upon filing for graduation. If the requirements are not met at the end of the filing semester, you must reapply for graduation to be re-evaluated. Original applications are not automatically reactivated for future consideration. All degrees awarded will be posted on your academic transcript, beginning the last day of business of the months of June (for Spring degrees), August (for Summer degrees), or January (for Fall degrees). Please Note:  Degrees are not awarded at the end of the Winter module, and Winter module coursework does not count backwards towards a January (Fall) degree.  Students completing their courses during the winter must file in the spring for a June degree (dates are posted on the Academic Calendar).

You should apply for graduation once you have registered for your last course during your last semester of attendance, and of course, during the official filing period. The application generates the evaluation of your record for a degree. If an application is not filed, an evaluation is not performed. Without an official evaluation by the Registrar's graduation staff, you cannot graduate.

IMPORTANT NOTE--Participation in the Commencement Ceremony does not signify graduation. It is merely attending the ceremony.  Students also should never file for consideration of a June degree if they are completing their coursework during the summer.  Early filing of an ineligible application for a June (spring) degree does not mean automatic reactivation for summer; all students who file a graduation application and are not approved for graduation must refile. 

Each of the three filing periods (for an August, January, or June degree) has a deadline. Consult the College's Academic Calendar. Also, a reminder to file for graduation is periodically placed in rotation on the monitors located throughout the campus for each of the filing periods. It is posted well before the filing period opens and is removed once the deadline has passed. There are no extensions to the filing period and ineligible applications are not automatically reactivated for the next filing period.   

Most students are close to graduation when they reach the 60 credit total. You can check your status on-line, anytime, by using DegreeWorks (accessible through the CUNY Portal, and available via Quick Links above) or by seeing your academic advisor.   

Once a final evaluation is completed (after final grades are submitted and posted), you will be able to request a letter from the Registrar's Office confirming your completed degree status. Certification forms are available in Room A-101 (counter service area) as well as on-line (Registrar's Office home page). Due to the high volume of requests at peak periods, letters cannot be processed upon demand, and are written in order of receipt. Please allow adequate processing time which may be a week.

CUNY + KCC have partnered with Parchment
All graduates are sent a physical paper diploma, as well as a digital version, both sent by Parchment. Students should look for an email from Parchment after their conferral date. Diplomas will be mailed to the current address approximately 3 weeks after the conferral date:

  • Fall Conferral- Last day of January
  • Spring Conferral- Last day of June
  • Summer Conferral – Last day of August

Diplomas are issued with the name on your Kingsborough student record at the time of graduation, and spelled in the manner you have written on your graduation application.

A duplicate diploma costs $30.

The quickest and most convenient way to order a duplicate diploma!

Order Online 24/7 (
Cost: $30.00 each
Payment Method: Credit card
Processing Time: As per Parchment


You can also fill out this form ( ) and contact the Registrar's Office in writing to request a replacement. A check or money order should be made payable to the KCC Association. Please allow adequate processing time for a reorder to be placed and received - reorders generally take four to six weeks to be processed.

If you wish to continue taking courses at Kingsborough, you must file a second application with the Admissions Office indicating your new curriculum as a second degree student or as a non-degree student. Deadline dates and the printable version of the application are available on the Admissions Office website.  The Registrar's Office will determine whether a student has satisfied all requirements for his or her degree and can be certified as a graduate.  

Commencement is held in June at the end of the spring semester. Actual (official) graduates from the previous August and January are invited as well as potential graduates who have filed for June. After you have filed for your degree, you will receive information in April from the Student Life Office regarding commencement.  

Please Note: Attendance at commencement does not signify graduation. Your academic records will be reviewed for a final evaluation once final grades are posted, and a final determination of your graduation status will be made at that time.

Transcript orders can be held until your degree is posted, upon your request. Please be sure to specify the hold request in your instructions when you request a transcript. All financial and academic obligations must be met before a transcript can be issued.

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