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The Office of Student Life

Start a Club

Start an RSO

So you've checked out the RSOs at Kingsborough, and couldn't quite find what you were looking for? Starting a new RSO involves a bit of work, but it's a rewarding process in the end! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Meet with Student Life staff to discuss your proposed RSO. Be prepared to discuss how your RSO differs from those already offered on campus.
  2. Obtain a copy of the Petition for New Registered Student Organization.
  3. Complete the petition, answering questions about the mission and purpose of your RSO and how it will enhance student life on campus.
  4. Obtain signatures from at least 25 current students in support of forming this RSO on campus. These students do NOT have to join, but it's always better if they do!
  5. Identify a faculty or staff member willing to serve as the advisor for your new RSO. Advisors attend RSO meetings an events, help you navigate KCC policies and procedures, and provide your RSO with a consistent resource from year to year.
  6. Draft an initial constitution for your RSO, outlining how the group will be structured, and how it will function. A sample constitution is available from Student Life.
  7. Submit the petition (with all signatures) and draft constitution to the Office of Student Life for initial feedback.
  8. Authority on whether RSOs may form/continue is given to Student Government. SGA has vested that power in the Campus Activities Board. CAB will review your petition and contact you with their decision. CAB decisions are final. 
  9. If CAB does not approve your petition, you will be contacted and informed of their concern(s). A meeting may be scheduled for you to come and address the concerns, and CAB will vote again, if necessary.
  10. If CAB approves your initial petition, you will be notified, and Student Life will help you through the registration process.
  11. Once CAB approves your new RSO, you will be notified and will work with Student Life to complete the registration process:
  12. Officer Elections and Registration
  13. Officer Training
  14. Budget Training and Release
  15. You're good to go!