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The Office of Student Life

Student Government Association


Why SGA is Important?

Student Government is THE student voice on campus. Joining SGA is an opportunity to create change on campus, gain valuable leadership and networking skills for the future, start traditions and advocate for KCC students.  SGA members have the privilege of representing the KCC student body on College Council and Standing Committees, planning events and managing a budget.  It is a rewarding experience to create opportunities for your fellow students that will allow them to take ownership of their college experience.

College Council 

The College Council is the governing body of all of KCC. Students on College Council will have the opportunity to meet with Faculty and Staff and discuss issues that affect the campus as a whole. The College Council Chair and Vice-Chair represent interests, ensure transparency and foster collaboration between students, faculty and the KCC administration. College Council meets various times throughout the semester.  Sub‐committees meet as needed in between general meetings. The sub‐committees include Strategic Planning & Budget Committee, Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, Legislative Committee, Instructional Committee, Committee of Students, and Committee on Committees. All SGA members will sit on College Council. The remaining 8 student seats on the Council are open to an at‐large election. 

Judicial Affairs Committee 

Students who are elected on to the Judicial Affairs Committee will work closely with the Director of Community Standards & Student Engagement.  They will be asked to review cases where students have allegation charges brought against them that are in breach of the Henderson Rules to Maintain Public Order or the Campus Code of Conduct. This committee meets to review cases and provides students the chance to have a fair hearing by a jury of their peers. Eight (8) students will be selected to serve as members of the Judicial Affairs Committee.

Students do not need to run for an SGA position to run for KCC College Council and/or the KCC Judicial Affairs Committee. Elected SGA members automatically serve on KCC College Council and the Judicial Affairs Committee.

What are the requirements to run for office? 

All students interested in running for a position must be in good academic standing with the College (at least a 2.0 GPA) and must not have a judicial record. Presidents are required to have a 2.5 GPA (as per CUNY Board of Trustees, June 2001). Students must also carry a minimum of 6 credits and be matriculated to be eligible for a position. First semester students are NOT eligible to run for or hold Student Government positions. Requirements are verified each semester, and any student not meeting the academic, judicial, or enrollment requirements shall be considered ineligible and will be removed from the designated position.

What is the time commitment?

Being a member of Student Government is a big responsibility. As an officer, you will be expected to hold office hours each week in order to perform council‐ related duties and be available for students with concerns. Depending on your position, you may also be a member of other committees or boards on campus as well (i.e., Association Board, Auxiliary Board, Technology Fee, etc.).

Officers should expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week on SGA duties, while Senators should expect to spend 5‐7 hours per week (inclusive of scheduled office hours).  ALL members attend General Body meetings, as well as their respective meetings (Cabinet or Senate).


Student Government Association