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Please remember to upload any documentation that you have to support your request for accommodations, on the application page itself.

Academic accommodations are adjustments or modifications to the physical environment, curricula design and educational process that allow disabled students access to educational opportunities on an equal basis as other students. However, accommodations cannot compromise academic integrity or impose undue difficulty on campus programs or activities. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, accessible classrooms and labs, assistive technologies, readers, scribes, note-takers, and modified class schedules.

 Accommodations are based on the nature of your disability and how it impacts your ability to function in the academic environment. Requests for accommodations therefore will be processed and provided on a case-by-case basis. You will be expected to provide supporting documentation for each request for accommodations. For example, a student who wants accommodations for a mobility impairment and a learning disability should provide documentation supporting both requests.

 A student with a temporary disability is eligible to apply for accommodations through the same process as students with long-term or permanent disabilities. The difference is that accommodations for temporary disabilities have an end date, as recommended by an appropriate professional.


For general inquiries please email or call 718-368-5175 or drop in to room D-205 in the West Academic Clusters

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