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Project Reach TCS

Who we are…

Transition to College Support (TCS) is offered by Access-Ability Services in association with CUNY’s Project REACH.

The program is designed to provide ongoing support to Kingsborough Community College (KCC) Autistic students.

TCS is intended for individuals who have been accepted into KCC as matriculating students, but who may need additional academic, social, behavioral, organizational, or other supports.

TCS support services are optional and are in addition to the services offered to all students with disabilities at KCC by Access-Ability Services.

TCS is free to participating students because of a grant from CUNY’s Project REACH.


What we do

TCS offers a combination of direct and consultative services, which are individualized to meet the needs of each student, recognizing each student’s unique strengths and limitations. The range of supportive services may include:

  • individual advisement and counseling
  • skill building
  • self‐advocacy
  • academic coaching
  • assistance with accessing campus services
  • consultation with faculty and staff across campus
  • assisting students to connect with KCC clubs and other extracurricular activities
  • peer group meetings to promote self-identity, self-advocacy, strengths, and autonomy

Supports will gradually fade as the students develop more independence.


What our goals are

  • Facilitate a positive environment for student academic achievement.
  • Encourage student participation in college community life.
  • Respond to the individualized needs of students.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of Autism among the KCC community.


What our students say

“TCS so far has been an amazing experience, it has helped me to grow and change into who I am today; because of TCS I became more independent and well-adjusted in my first year at Kingsborough.”

“I like the TCS program because I can get help with my work if it looks too complicated. I also can get advice on how to study better when it comes to preparing for tests and how to manage my time.”

“TCS…has one-on-one time, which is helpful when I have things on my mind that bother me.”

TCS Group meetings have been helpful because I get great advice about a lot of things from the other people in the group.”

“TCS has helped me a lot[;] when I get confused there is someone to help.”

“The TCS Program has helped in my transition to college. I like the TCS program for its dedication to supporting students with disabilities.”

“I like the TCS program because people are able to help me and I am able to get support when I am confused about something.”



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Contact Us

Chinyere Ryan
TCS Coordinator

Susanna Austin
Assistant to TCS Coordinator