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Campus Conduct

Campus Conduct 

Academic freedom can only be extended to those who share the aims and responsibility of the college and may be guaranteed when self-restraint, compliance, and reciprocity exist.

Accordingly, Article XV of the CUNY Board Bylaws, and the resolution of the CUNY Board known as the Henderson Rules, grants the college the right and obligation to levy appropriate sanctions which may include: warning; censure; restitution; suspension; expulsion and/or arrest by civil authorities. Due process shall be afforded all members of the college community. An appropriate pre-hearing before a designated college official and/or hearing before a duly constituted faculty-student committee is inherent in the due process procedures.

The following behavior is considered prohibited conduct on campus:

1. obstruction of individual rights and education processes or facilities;

2. unauthorized use of college facilities;

3. academic dishonesty;

4. theft or damage of college property;

5. sale, possession, use of: illegal, dangerous drugs and materials;

6. disorderly and indecent conduct;

7. involvement in soliciting, gambling, use of alcohol, and/or drugs;

8. smoking in restricted areas;

9. sale of, or advertisement of the sale of, term papers, student essays, and other written assignments intended for the use in credit courses is a misdemeanor. The use of such papers is illegal and the purchase thereof may subject a student to a disciplinary proceeding as well as appropriate academic sanctions.

It is CUNY policy to prohibit harassment of employees or students on the basis of sex. This policy is related to, and is in conformity with, the equal employment opportunity policy of the University to recruit, employ, retain and promote employees without regard to sex, age, color or creed. Prompt investigation of allegations will be made on a confidential basis to ascertain the veracity of the complaints and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

It is a violation of policy for any member of the University Community to engage in sexual harassment. It is a violation of policy for any member of the University Community to take action against an individual for reporting sexual harassment.

For purposes of this policy, sexual harassment consists of: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or written communications or physical conduct of a sexual nature (under certain conditions).

It is MANDATORY that members of the community carry identification cards at all times. Refusal to present I.D. card upon request may lead to appropriate disciplinary action (see Article XV, Section 15.3 and Henderson Rules.)