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Emergency Protocol

Public Safety Department badge

Kingsborough Community College Public Safety Officers are the first responders to emergency situations that arise on campus. We are located in the R.J. Kibbee Library on the second floor, room L-202, and can be reached by dialing 718-368-4800 or just 4800 from any college phone. In the event of an Emergency, we can be reached by dialing 718-368-4995 from a cell phone or 7777 from any college phone.

Public Safety is committed to ensuring the security and safety of the college community. There is an Emergency Evacuation plan that is currently in place. We encourage staff and students to sign up to CUNY Alert, so that you can be made aware of any emergency situations on campus and what Public Safety is doing to ensure Kingsborough safety. CUNY Alert is part of the NY Alert system operated by New York State and, if there is an emergency on campus,will send you a text message, email and/or voice message alert depending on what option you select when signing up. You can find CUNY Alert online at Public Safety also has a Public Address System used to communicate with the college during emergency situations.

In an emergency, please listen carefully to evacuation announcements about how to proceed. DO NOT MERELY EXIT YOUR BUILDING and remain directly outside of it. KCC has both a primary as well as a secondary evacuation site identified and will direct individuals to the appropriate site based upon the nature and location of the incident. Additional information as to the nature of the event will be provided at the evacuation site.

If you are in need of assistance, dial 7777 from any college phone or 718-368-4995 from a cell phone and give them your location, room number, and floor and Public Safety will come and assist you.

Evacuation protocols for people with disabilities

  • Do not use elevators unless directed by the FDNY or KCC Public Safety. If you require help with evacuation, request it immediately of anyone nearby and explain the help you need. If you are unable to walk down steps, go or ask to be assisted to the nearest designated Emergency Rescue Area(s). If you are physically unable to move, remain where you are and, if you can, contact Public Safety by dialing 718-368-4995 from your phone or 7777 from a college phone. Public Safety will come to assist you.
    Photos of the emergency rescue phones
  • There are Emergency Rescue Areas located in stairwells within each building. Emergency Rescue Areas are marked with signage in English and in Braille. There are two-way emergency assistance phones which allow you to communicate with the Public Safety officer at the central command station console.
    Photos of stairwell emergency rescue areas


What Emergency Personnel will do:

The Kingsborough Community College Public Safety Department personnel or fire wardens will search each floor and will report your location to the KCC Central Console operator by radio.

If you are in need of evacuation and the fire department is unavailable, members of the KCC Public Safety Department will evacuate you to a safe location. Public Safety Officers are trained in the proper methods for safe lifting and carrying those who need assistance.