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Lost and Found




Found property may be turned over to any uniformed officer or must be brought into the Office of Public Safety located in the Library, Room L-202. The Public Safety office is the only official location on campus that is authorized to collect and hold any lost items.

Inquiries regarding lost property can be made at the Office of Public Safety or by telephone at ext 5069.

The Public Safety office has the capabilities of safe-guarding the property, while making all attempts to contact the owner. All lost items will be kept for a minimum of 90 days. After 90 days, unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to various charities (i.e, Salvation Army, Eyes for the Needy).

Illegal contraband or weapons are immediately vouchered with the New York City Police Department.

Procedures for Lost and Found Property

The following Procedures are based on State, local and KBCC policies regarding the handling
and disposition of found property:

  1. All found property will be housed in the Public Safety Office. All inquiries for lost or
    found property must be directed to the Office of Public Safety.
  2. Any property coming to the attention of the Campus staff, faculty, students or visitors
    must be turned over to the Office of Public Safety immediately.
  3. If it is not convenient to turn over the property personally, the finder should call the
    Office of Public Safety and arrangements will be made to pick up the property.
  4. Public Safety staff assuming custody of the property will fill out the required found
    property invoice and make appropriate entry into the property recovery log and turn
    over the property to the Lost and Found storage.
  5. Public Safety personnel will obtain the name, address, phone number of the person
    turning in the found property along with the location where property was found. A
    receipt will be issued to the finder.
  6. Under no circumstances will the property found on campus be returned to anyone
    claiming to be the owner unless it has already been properly recorded and signed for in
    the found property log.
  7. Found property containing cash, credit cards or other valuables will be placed in the safe
    pending the Directors notification. An e-mail must be sent to the Public Safety Director
    prior to the end of the shift concerned and should contain a brief description of the
    property along with the invoice number for identification. This notification must be
    documented somewhere on the body of the found property invoice.
  8. All entries into the Found Property log will be made in pen with the relevant captions
    filled out. All property recovered will be entered by log# in sequential order of receipt.
  9. Property will be returned to the rightful owner upon verification of identity. All persons
    retrieving found property shall sign and print their full name and address in the log
    captioned “Signature and Address.”
  10. For health reasons clothing will not be kept as found property.
  11. No food, perishable items or any articles which violate New York City Health Code shall
    be kept as found property. These items will be logged in and discarded immediately.
  12. When the property owner is identified, a mail notification shall be sent to the owner
    with instructions on how to claim the item. If the owner fails to report within the
    prescribed time or does not contact the Office of Public Safety, then the item will be
    disposed of and the owner will have no further claim to the property.

Disposing of unclaimed property:

  1. Articles with a value of less than $100.00 dollars will be kept for 90 days. Items with a
    value greater than $100.00 dollars shall be vouchered at the NYPD precinct which
    includes the location in which the property was recovered
  2. Persons who have been issued receipts for found property may claim the items after 90
    days or 6 months depending on the value of the property. Identification must be verified
    and the appropriate log entries made.
  3. Office of Public Safety staff is not allowed entitled to claim found or recovered property.
  4. Unclaimed property will be disposed of in the following manner:
    • Wallets will be discarded. Contents will be destroyed. All currency will be
      recorded and placed in the Directors safe pending final disposition.
    • Cellular phones and other electronics will be recycled when appropriate.
      Electronics deemed unserviceable will be discarded. Electronics which offer
      training value to the Office of Public Safety will be kept for educational purposes.
    • Lock, auto and residential keys will be discarded. Known Kingsborough keys will
      be forwarded to Building and Grounds office.
    • Jewelry, glasses, books, etc. will be donated to the Salvation Army.
    • Checks, credit cards, identification cards, receipts, etc. will be destroyed.
    • Weapons, narcotics and other evidence will be processed in accordance with
      NYPD guidelines.
  5. Disposed property must be recorded appropriately with the printed name and signature
    of the disposing party entered into the property log along with the method and date of
    disposal. Any items not covered in this procedure will be handled at the discretion of
    Public Safety in accordance with New York State and CUNY regulations.