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Community Advisory


Without a doubt, during the course of each semester the number one crime associated with the campus is the recurring problem of the thefts of unattended personal property.

Unattended valuables, especially textbooks, are of great concern during the course of the semester. The unattended textbooks and other valuables are quickly converted to cash. The thief can take the book to the bookstore buy-back counter and exchange it for cash.

These thefts can be prevented. Make sure that you do not leave valuables unattended. Common places of occurrence are the classrooms, computer labs, cafeterias, and the library. If you leave valuables unattended even for a moment to run to the copy machine, bathroom, or drinking fountain you increase the opportunities for your valuables to be taken. Although textbooks are often taken, other items are also at risk, including: hand-held calculators, wallets, purses, backpacks, book bags or other valuables.

If you see someone approach another person's belongings, tell them that you will advise the owner and the Public Safety office. If you should fall prey to a textbook theft, notify the Office of Public Safety.

Thank you for your community protection efforts.