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Public Safety FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain/replace a KCC identification card?

Students, Faculty and Staff must be in possession of a valid identification card while on campus. When you first register as a student or commence employment at Kingsborough, the Department of Public Safety will issue a photo identification card to you.  Faculty and Staff will be issued an identification card by presenting a letter of employment from the Human Resources office. 

Students who lose or misplace their Kingsborough identification card must pay a ten dollar ($10.00) replacement fee at the Bursar's Office (Rm. A-205). Students should then proceed to the Department of Public Safety with the receipt for a replacement identification card.

Faculty and Staff members who lose their identification cards must go to the Human Resources office and obtain an employee verification form and then proceed to the Department of Public Safety with the form for a replacement identification card.

In the event an identification card is stolen, it must be reported by the owner to the Police Department and to the Department of Public Safety. Upon delivery of a Police Department Case Number or Police Report, a replacement identification card will be issued at no cost.

* You are required to present a valid ID to any college official, including Public Safety Officers, upon request*

How do I obtain a KCC parking permit?

Faculty & Staff members are allowed to purchase an on campus parking permit upon presentation of a valid KCC identification card.

Students - Manhattan Beach Parking Permits:
All students may purchase a Manhattan Beach parking permit at the time that they register for the current semester. They must present a valid KCC identification card at the time of purchase.

Students - On Campus Parking Permits:
Preliminary eligibility is determined by the college on a categorical basis. Notification of preliminary eligibility is effected by the issuing office and/or mail. Access to the campus is via the North Gate (Shore Boulevard).
Eligible persons must possess a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, and the required insurance coverage. Presentation of these documents is required upon request of College Public Safety personnel.  All parking permits can be obtained at the Bursar Office (A-205).

Where is the Lost and Found located?

The Lost and Found is administered by the Department of Public Safety. Recovery of lost and found articles will be permitted after proper identification of the article and claimant. After 90 days, unclaimed lost and found items are donated to various charities (i.e., Salvation Army, Eyes for the Needy). Lost and found items should be turned in to Public Safety Officers for processing. In the event property is turned in with identification enclosed, we make every effort to contact the owner to advise him/her of the found property. For information concerning lost and found items, call our records section at (718) 368-5069.


What is the smoking policy on campus?

Kingsborough Community College complies with a policy, enacted by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York, prohibiting the use of tobacco on all grounds and facilities under CUNY jurisdiction including all indoor locations and outdoor locations such as playing fields, entrances and exits to buildings, and parking lots.  This policy applies to all tobacco and tobacco products including chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes.  Tobacco industry promotions, advertising, marketing, and distribution of marketing materials on campus and tobacco industry sponsorship of athletic events and athletes are also prohibited.  This policy has made CUNY the largest smoke-free university system in the United States.


How do I obtain Emergency Notifications?

We offer various safety alerts communication systems available to the college community.  You can sign up for CUNY Alert and receive either text message, email and/or voice message of emergencies on campus.  We also have a Public Address system used to communicate with the college during emergency situations.  Throughout the hallways, corridors and restrooms, you can contact Public Safety by using one of the security pull boxes.  These devices can be activated in the event of an emergency by pulling the lever. Any intentional false alarm will be severely dealt with since it endangers the safety of the community.  Two-way emergency assistance alarms are located in stairwells and elevators.  These devices allow you to communicate with the Public Safety officer at central command. 

What are the beach pass rules and procedures?

The beach pass is non-transferable and only permits beach access to those whose name(s) appear on it.  Each beach pass allows beach access to a maximum of four (4) people, including the beach pass holder(s). A parking permit is required in order to park on campus.  (Please refer to the attached Beach Parking Letter for additional information.) Permit parking is provided, on a space-available basis, weekdays after 1pm and weekends after 11am.  Anyone wishing to purchase a beach pass should contact The Office of College Advancement, Room M243, Telephone: 718-368-4539.

What are the standard library hours?

Monday Thursday            8:00am 11:00pm

Friday                                     8:00 5:00pm

Saturday & Sunday              10:00 3:00pm

*Please call 718-368-5144 for "Exceptions" to the library schedule*


What do I do if I lock my keys in my car or my car won't start?

Call the Public Safety office at 718-368-4800 and staff will assist you.

I have been the victim of a crime. What should I do?

If you are in immediate danger or in an emergency, call 911. Kingsborough Community College provides law enforcement services on campus. Anyone who is the victim of or observes a crime should contact the department of Public Safety by dialing 7777 from any on-campus telephone, by dialing 718-368-4995 from their cell phone or by using one of the many emergency pull-box stations located throughout the campus.


How do I request a Safety Escort?

Kingsborough Community College Department of Public Safety offers a Safety Escort Service.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all students, faculty and staff on campus. You may reach the Department of Public Safety for an on-campus escort by calling 718-368-5069 from your office or cell phone. Uniformed personnel with mobile communication capabilities will meet you at any on-campus location (including parking facilities) and accompany you to your on-campus destination either on foot or in a marker vehicle.