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Preparedness Plan

Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan for KCC Faculty and Staff

The file below will open a one-page form entitled "Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan for KCC Faculty and Staff".  The intent is for everyone to start thinking about these questions before an incident occurs. The form should be completed and left at your work location for easy reference and referral should it be needed. Hopefully this form will assist you in dealing with emergencies while you are on campus. While it is impossible to develop a one-page form that would include all emergency situations, we have attempted to ask the most basic questions that you should be familiar with. Completing this form will help prepare you to protect yourself and the people around you during an emergency.

The safety and security of everyone at KCC is a paramount concern to your Public Safety Department.  I hope you find this form valuable as yet another tool used by your Public Safety Department to ensure your safety and well-being while on KCC grounds.