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CNS Email Accounts

Client and Networking Service - Email Accounts

Faculty and Staff E-Mail accounts are created upon request. Your department chairperson must submit a request. Direct requests to Helpdesk, Information Technology Department Abusing your rights as a Kingsborough Community College E-mail user will result in the loss of privileges to our E-mail server. (Policy of E-mail use).

Accessing your e-mail away from school 
Our Web-based solution is Microsoft all you need is a web browser application. Such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Most Internet providers are compatible. Below are instructions on accessing your e-mail when away from your computer

Web Access.
Your e–mail Account can be accessed via a World Wide Web Interface and access via any web browser (We usually use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) but these instructions are adaptable by users of Microsoft Internet explorer, Opera, ICab, etc…

First, make sure you are logged on to the Internet. Next start your preferred Web browser (Navigator, Explorer, etc). When it has completed its start up enter the following URL (Universal Resource Locator) in the Location Field (the white area below the browser buttons near the top of the page) or if you are reading this message in e–mail you may simply click here.

In a very few moments you should see the mail server sign–in page. Which will ask you for both your user ID (which is your e–mail account in the form of John Doe) and your E–mail Password. If you do not know your password please call the Kingsborough Help Desk at extension 6679 or (718) 368–6679 if off campus, and it can be reset; note that we can not retrieve passwords only reset/change them. Now click the Logon button, in a few moments the Mail Server will verify your password and user ID.

Vacation message is useful when you plan to be away.

In the event that you receive an e-mail with a virus attachment:  An E-mail virus is a program or document attached to an e-mail message that, when opened, spreads by generating an e-mail message containing itself as an attachment and sending it to any number of recipients and groups in the e-mail address book. 

Note - the original program or document does not need to enter the system via e-mail. It could originate from any outside source, e.g., diskette, network drive, Web page etc. If you receive harassing or abusive communications Threats, or you believe that your
privacy or property involving technology has been violated. You should report the matter If you receive harassing, abusive or offensive communications "Spam" or "chain letters" from outside of the University community, you usually can report the incidents to the Help Desk staff, as most schools, corporations, and Internet service providers do not intend their electronic resources to be used for such a manner. 

Office of Information Technology Service (718-368-6679)
Department of Public Safety (718-368-5069) 

If you have any questions send them to the Help Desk at any time. E-mail questions are usually answered the next business day. Some questions need additional investigation and take longer. Our Help Desk Staff will notify you. In some cases we may request that you submit your request in writing, you can fax, e-mail or send request via Mail Room. Every request is then entered into the Help Desk Log and followed up. Priorities do occur, but each call will handled as efficiently and promptly as possible.