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Email Policies

Client and Networking Service

Policy of E-Mail Use

Responsibility and Policy of the Kingsborough Community College E-mail User

  1. Maintain account by checking e-mail on a regular basis and delete any unnecessary mail.
  2. Immediately report any misrepresentation of e-mail
  3. Do not misrepresent yourself when sending messages
  4. Prevent the posting of illegal information
  5. Do not share account or password information with anyone else
  6. Respecting and protecting other's privacy as well as your own
  7. Obeying Institute policies and state and federal laws
  8. No disruption of activities of others through unauthorized electronic communications
  9. No commercial activity over the Kingsborough e-mail server
  10. No use of Kingsborough E-mail to solicit sales or conduct business to advertise or sell a service.
All members of Kingsborough Community College are expected to use its computer network resources in a responsible manner.
Kingsborough Community College reserves the right to limit access to its networks or institute computers.