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Help Desk

Client and Networking Service - Help Desk

Create a Help Desk Ticket

Purpose of the Help Desk is to join together all maintenance related calls and to better serve the Kingsborough Community College Faculty and Staff needs in a more timely and efficient manner. The Computing and Information Technology Department provides access to information and communication technologies for faculty and staff throughout Kingsborough.

Please note, when you call the Helpdesk @ 718-368-6679 or email the and a Help Desk ticket is opened, the Help Desk system will send you an email confirmation with a reference id, this email will also contain the Trouble Ticket information.

As this ticket is being processed and updates are entered in the system, it will automatically send you the updates, also when the ticket is closed you will get an email, if you are not satisfied with the work or disagree that it has been completed, please send an email to and use the reference id.

We are implementing these enhancements to keep you abreast of where your request for help is, and what steps are being taken to resolve it. We aim at making the process of getting help for your IT issues as smooth as possible and looking for your cooperation and help to improve it further. Any feedback on what we are implementing will be highly appreciated.

You can contact the help desk by:

Phone: 718-368-6679
Fax: 718-368-4626

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00a.m. 6:00 p.m.

Please provide details of the problem you are having, such as blinking lights, noises, hardware, and software and error messages if any. This will make it easier for us to assign the proper technicians.

The Job of the Help Desk Staff is to help Faculty and Staff with:


  • Computer Hardware and Software Problems
  • Computer Hardware and Software Installation
  • New Hardware, Software or Printers.
  • New Accounts - User ID's and Passwords
  • Forget user ID or Password - Help Desk will unlock account/reset your password
  • Connect users to Network computers/printers
  • Manuals for help with software applications (Email, Meeting Maker, SIMS)

Getting help

  • Computing questions, software installation
  • Computer repair
  • Lost file recovery
  • Resetting a forgotten password
  • Disinfection's of virus infected computers
  • Advice on dealing with junk e-mail, electronic harassment, hacker attacks,
  • Notification of compromised accounts