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Voice Mail Upgrade

ESNA Voicemail Aria First Day & Beyond!

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Setup your Voicemail 

  1. Dial the ESNA extension number (718 368 6990 or 6990) or Press Message button icon on your telephone
  2. Were you prompted for your voice mail password?

    If yes, go to Step 3 (this means the station is "integrated" to voicemail)
    If yes, but you'd like to login to a different mailbox, press *
    If no, key in your extension and press #.

  3. Key in the default password 147258 and press #.This password is for initial set-up only.
    The system will guide you through a tutorial to establish your new Voicemail on first login
  1. Create a new password. Press # to continue.
    Dial slowly and slightly pause between each digit while entering the new password.
  2. Record your Personal Greeting. Press # to continue.
  3. Record your Name Greeting. Press # to continue.
    To Retrieve Messages That Others Have Left for You
    1. Login to ESNA Messaging
    2. Press 1 to listen to your messages, then 1 again to retrieve unread messages.
    3. After listening to a message you can press 7 to delete; 9 to save; 6 to send a copy select nothing to keep the message marked read in your inbox.
To Change Your Password
  • Login to ESNA Messaging and press 4 (Personal Options) at the main menu.
  • Press 9 for "Change your password"
  • Enter your new password and press #. 


To Re-record Your Voiced-In Name

Login to ESNA Messaging and press 4 (Personal Options) at the main menu.

  • Press 1 for "Record Greetings"
  • Press 6 for "Change Recorded Name"
  • Record your name and press #.
  • To Check Messages for a Mailbox Different from Your Own
    Dial (718 368 6990 or 6990) or Press Message button icon in your Avaya Telephone.

• Press *

Click here to download or print a PDF flow chart of the instructions. 

Please contact or call (718)368-5025 if you have any questions