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Sonexis FAQ

Sonexis FAQ

Q. I want music to play when there is only 1 connection in my conferences, where do I set that?

A. From the My Conferences page, click My Preferences button (lower left), toward the bottom of the preferences page, change the When there is only one Audio connection preference from do nothing to play music

Q. Sometimes during my conferences there is a lot of background noise, and on occasion participants put their own line on hold and it plays music into the conference.  How can I tell who is causing the noise and silence it?

A. The Audio Console can be used to determine who is speaking or causing background noise.  From the My Conferences page, select the conference in progress if it's already started, or select the scheduled conference you want to start, choose Enter for a conference in progress or Start for a scheduled conference.  This will launch the Audio Console in a web browser.  The active talker feature will show a green highlight bar that will move in realtime based on the loudest audio source in the conference.  Use the mute button for the offending participants.  Let those participants know they can press *2 to unmute their own lines, or *3 to raise their hand in the Audio Console so you can unmute them.

Q. How can I force my conference to end when I hang up?

A. The host can press *81 from the telephone keypad, or end conference from the Audio Console which will disconnect all participants and the host, and reclaim all the ports.

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