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Telecom FAQ

Telecom FAQ

What do I dial in case of emergency?

Contact Public Safety at ext 7777 or (718)368-4995.

Who do I contact if my phone is out of service or not working properly?

Contact Raymond Tsoi at ext. 5025 or

I'm requesting a new phone/voice mail for a new staff/faculty member or a change in services.

Your director or chair person must send an e-mail to from their KBCC e-mail account. Do not use personal e-mail for this.

I have voice mail. How do I set it up?

View Voice Mail Instructions here

My phone rang a ring and  then stopped and/or all my calls are going straight to voice mail.

Your phone is either Call Forwarded or in Send All Calls mode. Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.  Press # (pound) 2 and hear a confirmation tone. Hang up, pick up the phone again, listen for dial tone, press # (pound) 3, and hear a confirmation tone.

I need a new cord/handset/part etc.

Come to L 715 and ask Ray.

My fax ran out of toner or needs a replacement part.

Call Office Services at ext. 5096.

How do I forward my calls to another extension?

Pick up your phone, listen for dial tone, press Call Forward or * (star) 2, enter the extension you want to forward your calls to, and listen for confirmation tone.
To cancel Call Forwarding, listen for dial tone, press # (pound) 2, and listen for confirmation tone.

How do I find a staff/faculty member or department?
  • Dial 0 for the College Operator
  • Dial ext. 6650 for the Automated Operator
  • for the online directory 
I need to call an out of city/state/country phone number.

Your phone may be restricted to only call certain regions. Your chairperson must request long distance access at

I received a call waiting tone while on another call. How do I switch between calls?

Press Flash/Recall to hear a stutter tone. Dial *(star) 6 to switch to the other call. Repeat to switch back.

How do I transfer calls when my phone doesn't have a Transfer button?

Press Flash/Recall to hear a stutter tone. Dial the number you wish to transfer to. Hang up to complete the transfer.

How do I make a 3-way call?

While on a call, press Flash/Recall/Conf to get a second dial tone. Dial your second party. When they answer, press Flash/Recall/Conf to connect all 3 parties together.        

I have a speakerphone and when I use it, the audio cuts in and out.

The phone is picking up background noise, especially air vents directly above. If you only need to listen and do not need to speak, put the phone on Mute to block out all transmitting audio. 

How do I answer a ringing phone in my office without running back and forth?

Use the Call Pickup feature. If your phone is programmed with a Call Pickup button, press it when it flashes. If not, dial * (star) 7. If neither works, your phone may need to be placed in the same Pickup group as the others. Call ext. 5025 or e-mail