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Classroom Whiteboards

Classroom Whiteboards

How to clean and maintain the surfaces

The whiteboards installed on campus are for faculty to write and diagram their lessons. These surfaces require care of the sort that will prolong the sustainability of whiteboard and if properly maintained, will last for semesters or even years. Below is a list of DOs and DON Ts in cleaning a classroom whiteboard:



Use only dry erase markers, low odor, on the whiteboard surface. Expo Markers are preferred.

Don't use permanent markers, crayons, pens, chalk or other writing implements on the surface. Doing so will cause streaks, scratches and permanent stains.

Use a clean, dry whiteboard eraser to erase your work.

Don't use dirty, stained or old erasers on the surface as they will stain and damage the finish. Also, don t use erasers meant for the blackboard. The material is of coarse material and will leave fine scratches on the surface.

Use whiteboard spray cleaner to remove dry erase marks on the board. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the cleaner residue. Also, using whiteboard wipes is acceptable in maintaining the whiteboard.

Don't use household cleaners, window spray or all-purpose cleaner on the whiteboard. The chemicals will slowly dissolve the finish and leave the board unusable. Don t use paper towels on the boards. The coarse material will scratch the surface leaving noticeable scratches on the surface.

Use clips, hooks or magnets to hang large sheets of paper on the board for display from the aluminum frame.

[Note: Not all boards are magnetic.]

Don't use tape, glue or other achieves to attached papers to the board surface. The adhesives from these products will stain and damage the board.


 Please note  that the whiteboard supplies (markers, erasers or cleaner) are  supplied by your department,  and  not from ITS . If you have a damaged board in your room, please contact ext. 5353 to report it, or press 2 on the smart class room\Lab phone. In addition to the phone number you can send email to  to report issues with classroom technology.