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Current IT Projects

PROJECTS 2016-2017

Augmentation/Maintenance of Networking Infrastructure Project (Proj # 1)

  • The number of devices (whether BYOD or from installation base) is increasing at the rate of 25% per year; the infrastructure setup six years ago, though still reliable, is showing signs of strain. We plan for the coming years and increasing our install base by another 6 percent just in thin clients in class rooms we need to replace out of warranty switches and upgrade them to 10 GB backbone. Due to the fact that we now have additional bandwidth we need to remove bottlenecks in the network to ensure the benefit of increased bandwidth is directed to the end points.

Staff and Faculty Desktop Refresh Project and upgrade to Windows 10 (Proj # 2)

  • Based on a 5 year refresh cycle we have embarked on a project to replace 400 systems that are more than 5 years old. In addition to replacing these computers we are also working on upgrading the Operating System on about 500 additional systems to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

Blackboard Mobile Project (Proj # 3)

  • Blackboard Mobile Central is a comprehensive suite of campus services targeting students, faculty, administrators, alumni and our broader community on both native and mobile web platforms. It was architecture with scalability in mind. Considering that it is impossible to truly plan for the vast array of devices to come in the future, we have built a central service to house data in a way that can be repurposed across all platforms/devices. In this way iPhone®, Android® and forthcoming mobile operating systems will access the Blackboard Mobile Central application through the same central service on the backend. The first set of apps was released in January 2013, we will be adding additional apps and continue to maintain current apps.

Business Continuity Project (Proj # 4)

  • In order to support 24/7 operations and to reduce downtime we have embarked on a project to augment the infrastructure and provide redundancy and increase fault tolerances where possible. We are adding UPS to support the network switches in labs. The cost includes equipment and redundant fiber connectivity to IDF closets. We need to ensure that all our labs and IDF which support instructional technology are dual homed and can continue operation irrespective of loss of a core switch or data center.

Class Capture System (Proj # 5)

  • Class capture system, after looking at various systems Yuja was selected as the system of choice for class capture, We would be extending this offering to more faculty and use it is as a DR solution as well so that in case of emergency recorded classes can be published for student use. The Yuja software can also be used for streaming live content which provides the opportunity to use it for more than class capture.

Computerization of Classrooms Project (Proj # 6)

  • In order to meet the growing need for computers labs and using computers for instructional purposes, we have embarked on a project to deploy computers in classrooms. We are planning on adding over 50 wireless thin clients and tablets. Total budget allocation for this project including hardware, electrical work, deployment of furniture and construction needed to convert the current lecture style classrooms to dual-purpose rooms.

    Following rooms are to be part of this project

    Room Existing Seats*
    T-4111 65
    T-4206 50

    *Seat count may change with modifications

E-Portfolio (Digication) Project (Proj # 7)

  • E-Portfolios are platforms for students, teachers, alumni, and professionals to showcase their work and ideas. They are archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and reflection. A few uses of E-Portfolios include assessment, admissions, interactive resumes, student galleries, teacher resource sites, collaborative project portfolios, and research presentations. KCC plans on using Digitation for 1,100 students and faculty.

Instructional Software Upgrade Project (Proj #8)

  • Upgrade Adobe software to the latest version in all labs.
  • Upgrade Animation software to the latest version in MAC graphic labs.
  • Upgrade AutoCAD software to the latest version in all Labs.
  • Upgrade Tandberg software in Language Lab L-102G.
  • Upgrade Virtualization software for academic servers.
  • Upgrade Culinary Science Software in U-118 and M-246 labs.
  • Upgrade NetOp Software in all labs.
  • Upgrade Deepfreeze software in all labs.

Library Databases and eBooks (Proj # 9)

  • Procuring various titles for library databases as requested by Academic Services.

Print Management Solution (Pharos) Project (Proj # 10)

  • Support for recently deployed pay-for-print system with support for workstation reservations to additional open labs. Expansion of remote printing from home and wireless stations. Expanding reservation facilities to other areas.

Replacement of Computers in Labs (Proj # 11)

  • Replace 357 computers in the labs based on 4-year refresh cycle.
  • Replacement of 150 existing podium computers.
  • Upgrading computers under warranty which have 4 GB of ram to 8 GB

Replacement of Printers Project (Proj # 12)

  • Replace 6 out of warranty network printers in labs.
  • Replace 10 out of warranty network printers in Administrative areas

Replacement of Servers Project (Proj # 13)

  • Replace 1 out of warranty servers supporting the labs. Also would allow for virtualization of blade servers and stand alone servers. Addition of memory and processors to existing servers is part of the project.

Smart Class Room Project (Proj # 14)

  • The Smart classroom project would be implemented in 3 additional class rooms. Approximately 50 out of warranty projection systems will be replaced.
    • G-213
    • G-213A
    • L-137
    • L-139
    • L-304
    • L-516
    • M-379
    • M-380
    • M-411
    • M-419
    • M-420
    • M-421
    • M-422
    • M-423
    • M-425
    • S-114
    • S-336
    • T-303
    • T-4101
    • T-4103
    • T-4104
    • T-4107
    • T-4111
    • T-4112
    • T-4124
    • T-4126
    • T-4135
    • T-4137
    • T-4201
    • T-4205
    • T-4206
    • T-515
    • T-516
    • U-218
    • U-227A
    • V-118
    • V-122
    • V-123
    • V-204
    • V-214

Smart Labs Project (Proj # 15)

  • Additional ceiling mounted projection systems will be installed in three labs. The replacement of five out of warranty projectors will also take place.

Uplift-Expansion and Enhancement of Labs (Proj # 16)

  • In last fiscal year a project was started to uplift the labs by replacing the existing makeshift desks with industry-standard furniture that provides a better learning environment and allows for versatile use of this space. In addition to replacing the furniture the project, in collaboration with Facilities is embarking on sprucing up the labs with new paints jobs and the repair of ceiling tiles and flooring. The project includes adding capacity where possible by reconfiguring the rooms and adding an access card system to allow faculty to open the doors based on scheduled room usage rather than waiting for the ITS department. Following labs have been earmarked for next fiscal year: F-206, L-102G.

Tablets\Laptops for Students Project (Proj # 17)

  • Replacement of out of warranty wireless laptops based on a four-year refresh cycle. As the use of tablets in instructional areas have increased and there is a cross section of Kingsborough students without such devices we will be replacing and adding systems that can be used both as tablets and Laptops. We plan on adding 75 such devices.

    Total Budget allocation $56,000.

Video in Class Rooms and Labs (Proj # 18)

  • In order to meet need for video collaboration in instruction six labs will have HD camera installation to work with Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, Radvision or any other video conferencing system. Labs to be added this fiscal year would be M-220A, M-223, M-214, M-125 and M-322.

Virtual Desktop Initiative (Proj # 19)

  • A pilot project was initiated using VMware Horizon product to provide 30 students concurrent access to fashion design software via tablets, laptop and handhelds was initiated in last fiscal year. The virtual lab would allow students who were lacking the ability to practice and use this software outside the Physical Lab that has the Fashion Design Software installed. It also ameliorates the need for additional licenses for the open labs while allowing students to do homework assignments. In the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 an additional 60 concurrent student access licenses will be added.

Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project (Proj # 20)

  • We will continue the process of adding access points in class rooms and exterior areas to accommodate wireless use through thin clients and mobile devices. The project entails replacing 200 access points.

Wireless Printing Project (Proj # 21)

  • Currently we do not have the capability to allow students to print from their mobile devices by addition this functionality we will be able to serve to start with students who use KCC assigned hardware and second phase BYOD devices.

Public Address System Upgrade (Proj # 22)

  • Public address system is being extended to exterior of the campus to facilitate emergency announcement to be heard in exterior.
  • Public address system is being extended to following areas in facilitate emergency announcements to be heard in these areas.
    1. Property Storeroom
    2. B & G Shops
    3. U-118
    4. Cafeteria 1st & 2nd Flr
    5. President's Conference Room
    6. Tapestry Room
    7. Terrace Room
    8. MAC Kitchen
    9. Print Shop
    10. G-206
    11. Pool Deck
    12. G-213
    13. MAC Rotunda
    14. T1-UAPC
    15. Oceanview Room
    16. Oceanview Kitchen
    17. Panda House Kitchen